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When a developer starts writing Python code (without type hints), an IDE, like PyCharm, provides robust auto complete support. But as the number of lines and files increases, we start to notice the auto complete isn’t helpful at all. You are not getting those auto complete suggestions as they were…

Still using virtualenv? Try this new tool.

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Python virtual environments help us manage dependencies easily and effortlessly. The most common environment creation tools are virtualenv and conda, the latter is used for environment management for multiple languages whereas the former is made especially for python.

Why not use global python packages, then we won’t need to get…

This in Flask, that in FastAPI

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The python API development space has been changing rapidly. Earlier, this space was owned by Flask, which apart from its API building capabilities also boasted an integration with Jinja template engine. Hence, starting a wave of website development using flask.

A few years back FastAPI was released and it bought…

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